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About Us

Brindle Waye is comprised of learning initiatives including information delivery with our e-learning platform as well as consulting and training.

As a company dedicated to elearning, our featured service is the Design-a-Course (DaC) web-based learning management system (LMS). The most comprehensive level of DaC is the Enterprise Account which includes, with the LMS, our versatile authoring tool, enabling you to create your own professional custom courses. One-click publishing and quick, easy course deployment with a complete training management system makes the Enterprise Account the right fit for busy organizations.

Entrepreneur, for small or start-up business needs, a scaled-down training program, with 5 professionally developed ready-to-go courses deployed and managed on the DaC LMS, is available at a cost to fit your budget.

eCommerce Marketplace provides the opportunity for individuals or companies to write, publish, and sell their own eCourses at our site. This program lets you focus on your content while we provide the tools, software, and billing infrastructure. Go to eCommerce Marketplace to learn more.

If you want specific customization in your course, or someone to write your course(s) for you, visit our Course Creation site. Choose the level of assistance you need to give your course the professional look you want.