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eCommerce Marketplace Details

What is included in the eCommerce Marketplace Program?

  • Your own Design-a-Course eLearning system, including the Design-a-Course Author™ courseware creator software tool and the Design-a-Course Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Updates to the Design-a-Course eLearning system at no charge as they become available.
  • One private, secure URL which includes one test student account and unlimited eCommerce student accounts.

How much does it cost?

There is a one-time $499 set up fee. The set up fee includes:

  • Creating a private, secure, Design-a-Course URL
  • Setting up your inventory (course) items. The URL for these items will be sent to you to be placed on your web site so when customers click to purchase an item from you, it will take them to the Brindle Waye shopping cart. You will be responsible for adding the code and URL to your web site. Brindle Waye is available to consult with you for this code integration at an hourly consulting rate of $100 per hour, one hour minimum.

After you’re set up and your courses start selling, you and Brindle Waye split the sale of each item as it is sold. Your percentage of each sale is based upon your total sales for the month and ranges from 60% to 80%. Brindle Waye takes care of the all credit card merchant fees. Details about the sliding scale profit sharing can be found on the eCommerce Marketplace Pricing Page.

When and how do I get paid?

Partner checks are sent out every month.

What about support and training?

Training –

Design-a-Course offers weekly, free 1-hour Webinar training sessions on using Design-a-Course.  Help files and Flash movies are also available illustrating Design-a-Course usage.

Support –
  1. Online –
    You can post your issue online at:
    Submit a Question
    and a ‘job ticket’ is created. Our staff will respond to you by email.
  2. Phone –
    Phone support is available Monday – Friday, 866-522-9839.

What if someone wants a refund or challenges their credit card charge?

You are responsible for the advertising and quality of your courses. If a customer challenges a charge with the credit card company, we will assist you in defending the charge. However, it will be your responsibility to resolve any issues with your customer. If the challenge is upheld and the customer’s charge is refunded to him, you will be charged the amount refunded to your customer plus a 15% restocking fee.

What if I give away some course for free to my customers?

All courses in your eCommerce account need to be processed at the price of the inventory item. If you want to give away courses or have courses available for internal use, you will need an Enterprise Design-a-Course account. Pricing can be found on our Enterprise Pricing page .

How will I know when someone purchases a course?

When a student purchases one of your online courses, the Design-a-Course system sends an email with the key code and URL to that student for that course or group of courses. You will be copied on that email so you will know when a purchase is made, and which course(s) was purchased.

How do I check on the results of my students?

Log into your Design-a-Course eCommerce URL. Click Manage Courses and either click on the course your want to see the results for or the Student List to get details on your students.

Can I set up a time limit or attempt limit for my courses?

Yes. At the time you send the course item names to be added as inventory in the Brindle Waye shopping cart system, you should indicate if there is a time limit for access to that course.

Can I sell courses as groups?

Yes. The group of courses is set up as a separate inventory item. At the time you send the course item names to be added as inventory items in the Brindle Waye shopping cart system, you indicate if this is a group of courses.

Why is the Brindle Waye logo in the shopping cart?

All purchases go through the Brindle Waye shopping cart system. You will need to advise your customers that Brindle Waye is your training partner and that they will see our logo.