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eLearning Management

The value of a training manager is often underestimated. The job entails such multi-facted roles within an organization that it is difficult to find someone to fill this job description. One thing for sure–a good training manager keeps an organization moving smoothly, adapting with change, and progressing forward.

When considering the training manager’s job, characteristics that surface are:

  • Knowledgeable
  • Ability to teach
  • Problem Solver
  • Trustworthy
  • Reliable
  • Patient
  • Innovative
  • Good listener

 The Design-a-Course LMS

It certainly performs excellent work for the training manager in many ways, thereby providing much-needed time to devote to other managerial duties.

In fact, the Design-a-Course LMS is a perfect match to the characteristics above.

  • – A knowledgeable system that tracks, manages, and transforms data into meaningful information.
  • – A reliable, secure system you can trust with your data.
  • – A patient teacher allowing time flexibility in taking courses.
  • – Providing training information when you need it, the way you need it.
  • – The ability to create innovative custom courses for your training solution.

When you think about it, the LMS is an excellent listener, in tune to the voices of our customers, then meeting and exceeding their needs—and it never has a complaint. No wonder our learning management system is often considered the training manager’s best friend!

You can quickly review statictics for a particular course to gauge its effectiveness.

  How does the Design-a-Course LMS measure up to the task? Read on to find out.

What are three key advantages to management on the Design-a-Course LMS?

  1. Powerful, reliable, secure, redundantly-configured servers 24/7
  2. Easy to manage student assignment and courses
  3. Quick and easy to pull detailed and selective reports and statistics

Do you need a training manager if you have an LMS?
Our Learning Management System is not a replacement for the training manager, but this system does make the job much easier and more efficient by tracking and managing training data and organizing this data into visual representations through graphs and charts. This graphical information is important when analyzing and reporting the training activity of the organization for individual students as well as assessment of a department or location.

Can the Design-a-Course LMS serve as a company’s complete training system?
Yes. In terms of course development and deployment, then tracking, reporting and statistics of student training, our LMS is designed to handle everything you need. Small organizations often use the learning management system as their all-inclusive training program. In larger organizations, training managers find our LMS to be particularly valuable when tracking student course progress and analyzing detailed, highly selective reporting for future training needs.

Can I see a live demonstration of the LMS in action? 
Yes, certainly. Join us at our free Weekly Webinar every Friday, 1 pm ET (11 am MT). You will get the full tour from course creation to training management on our LMS. If you cannot attend on Fridays, contact us to make arrangements for a more convenient day and time.

Using groups, you can easily manage users and their assigned courses. Just add both student and course to the same group. How you define your group hierarchy is up to you. 

You can report per student and click on score for a course to “drill down” into the details.