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Small Business Courses

As your company grows, training needs increase. The Small Business program has the flexibility to grow with your company, making it an excellent choice to consistently meet the demands of training and management.

Your Design-a-Course Small Business eLearning account comes with these professionally developed courses.

  1. Improving Customer Loyalty
    This detailed course addresses how everyone in an organization can help to inspire loyalty and avoid common turn-offs, increasing your repeat business.
  2. Sexual Harassment
    Cover liability and avoid potential problems by providing your employees with comprehensive information about sexual harassment laws and procedures.
  3. Business Ethics for Employees
    Ensure all your employees can identify an unethical conflict, know what to do when faced with one, and know where to turn when they need advice.
  4. Managing Conflict
    This course gives strategies for turning disagreements into positives that help generate new ideas and better working relationships.
  5. Effective Selling
    The most detailed of all our small business catalogue, this course teaches good selling techniques from the ground up, helping you increase sales and decrease frustrated or dissatisfied prospects.

Need to build your own content? With the Design-a-Course Author, you can create and publish your own custom training courses on any topic you need, and the number of courses you can create and deploy on the Design-a-Course LMS is unlimited.

  • Authoring requires only simple word processing skills and never any programming or scripting.
  • The Design-a-Course Authoring Tool is a next step to increasing your training platform in your company.